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Who We Are?

For over 25 years now Telecable & Security has built its reputation on quality installations and customer service. Servicing the Niagara Region and surrounding areas our trained technicians will provide the right solution for you. Whether it is security installations, phone systems or cabling, we custom fit out solutions to your needs. Contact us today for more information or a quote!

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How We started?

After spending years in the telecommunication industry, Jacques Boulianne decided to found Telecable & Security in 1995. Leveraging his personal integrity and dedication to excellence, Jacques and his team have provided quality installations and products to the Niagara Region. 

Telecable & Security has built its reputation on providing high quality 

Better Materials

Over the years we have partnered with industry leaders to provide installations that you know will last. 


Our technicians are trained professionals and have spend years in the field, perfecting their skills to provide quality installs and service.


With our winning combination of qualified technicians and high quality materials, we provide the right solution to meet your needs.